FCC Consumer Broadband Services Testing and Measurement

OMB 3060-1139

OMB 3060-1139

Accurate and clear information is crucial to a well functioning market. Today, broadband consumers in the United States have little information about the actual speed and performance of the broadband services available to them. The FCC has contracted with a third party measurement company to measure the speeds and performance of a representative, cost effective, statistically relevant sample of US fixed broadband household and Internet Service Providers (ISP) across geographies, technologies and providers. The third party measurement contractor deploys testing devices to begin measurement, and these results are then be used to inform measurement standards for performance of broadband services in support of the FCC led National Broadband Plan. In 2013 the program has expanded to include consumer mobile broadband performance information using a crowd sourcing Android application that will reach a significantly greater number of subscribers and provide data on mobile broadband that is increasingly important to U.S. consumers.

The latest form for FCC Consumer Broadband Services Testing and Measurement expires 2024-01-31 and can be found here.

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FCC Consumer Broadband Services Testing and Measurement - Individuals or Household

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