Section 73.1216, Licensee-Conducted Contests

OMB 3060-1209

OMB 3060-1209

On September 17, 2015, by Report and Order, FCC 15-118, the Commission amended the Contest Rule to permit broadcasters to meet their obligation to disclose contest material terms on an Internet website in lieu of making broadcast announcements. The amendment was intended to bring the Contest Rule into alignment with the way that Americans currently obtain information: over the Internet. As set forth below, the Commission expects that the amendment to the Contest Rule for which the Commission now seeks OMB authorization will likely decrease the paperwork burden on licensees and the Federal government. The amendments preserve certain information collections that previously were authorized by OMB, such as the requirements (i) to announce on air the material contest terms fully and accurately the first time the audience is told how to enter or participate in a contest, and periodically thereafter (in cases where a licensee chooses to disclose material terms via broadcast announcements); and (ii) to conduct contests substantially as announced or advertised. These information collection requirements remain necessary to ensure that broadcast licensees conduct contests with due regard for the public interest.

The latest form for Section 73.1216, Licensee-Conducted Contests expires 2022-04-30 and can be found here.

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