Wireless E911 Location Accuracy Requirements (PS Docket No. 07-114)

OMB 3060-1210

OMB 3060-1210

In the Fifth Report and Order (re;. Nov. 24, 2019), the Commission adopted rules that build on the last major revision to its 911 indoor location accuracy rules. Specifically, the Commission established a vertical location accuracy metric consistent with the framework adopted in 2015 Fourth Report and Order. In the Fourth Report and Order (rel. Feb. 3, 2015), the Commission adopted rules that significantly enhance the ability of Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to identify, with improved accuracy, the location of indoor wireless 911 callers. The rules also strengthen existing E911 location accuracy requirements to improve location determine for outdoor calls as well. The actions in the Fifth and Fourth Report and Orders come in response to major changes in the landscape of wireless technology and consumer usage. The Commission seeks to revise this currently approved collection and requests approval of clarifying and expanding the scope of the previously approved information collection requirements.

The latest form for Wireless E911 Location Accuracy Requirements (PS Docket No. 07-114) expires 2023-09-30 and can be found here.

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