U.S. Customs and Border Protection


Federal Forms

OMB NumberTitle
1651-0144 Hiring Center Medical Records Privacy Release (Form 3400)
1651-0143 Advance Travel Authorization (ATA)
1651-0142 Section 321 E-Commerce Data
1651-0141 Global Business Identifier (GBI)
1651-0140 Collection of Advance Information from Certain Undocumented Individuals on the Land Border
1651-0139 Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS)
1651-0138 Biometric Identity
1651-0137 Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS)
1651-0136 Generic Clearance for the Collection of Qualitative Feedback on Agency Service Delivery
1651-0135 Voluntary Customer Surveys
1651-0134 Request for Entry or Departure for Flights To and From Cuba
1651-0133 JADE Act
1651-0132 Western Hemisphere Traveler's Initiative
1651-0131 e-Allegations Submission
1651-0130 U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement
1651-0129 Haiti HOPE Act
1651-0128 U.S. Jordan Free Trade Agreement
1651-0127 Guarantee of Payment
1651-0126 Guam Visa Waiver Agreement
1651-0125 Dominican Republic-Central America-U.S Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR)
1651-0124 Cargo Container and Road Vehicle Certification for Transport Under Customs Seal
1651-0123 Regulations Relating to Copyrights and Trademarks
1651-0122 Screening Requirements for Carriers
1651-0121 Trusted Traveler Programs and U.S. APEC Bussiness Travel Card
1651-0120 Application - Checkpoint Pre-enrolled Access Lane
1651-0119 Arrival Record
1651-0118 Air Transport Program (ATP)
1651-0117 Free Trade Agreements
1651-0115 Sworn Statement of Refugee Applying for Admission to the United States
1651-0114 Alien Crewman Landing Permit
1651-0113 Visa Waiver Nonimmigrant Arrival/Departure Record
1651-0112 Arrival Departure Record (Transit Without Visa)
1651-0111 Arrival and Departure Record and Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)
1651-0110 Visa Waiver Program Carrier Agreement
1651-0109 Guam CNMI Visa Waiver Information
1651-0108 Canadian Border Boat Landing Permit
1651-0107 Application for Waiver of Passport and/or Visa
1651-0106 Application to Payoff or Discharge Alien Crewman
1651-0105 Application to Use Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)
1651-0104 Visa Waiver Program Passenger Arrival and Departure Data
1651-0103 Passenger List-Crew List
1651-0102 Aircraft/Vessel Report
1651-0101 State Domestic Preparedness Program - State and Local Survey
1651-0100 Petition for Remission of Mitigation of Forfeitures and Penalties Incurred
1651-0099 Bond Procedures for Articles Subject to Exclusion Orders Issued by the U.S. International Trade Commission.
1651-0098 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Certificate of Origin
1651-0097 Blanket Certification of Chemical Substances
1651-0096 Transfer of Cargo to a Container Station
1651-0095 Textiles and Textile Products
1651-0094 Declaration of a Person Abroad Who Receives and is Returning Merchandise to the U.S.
1651-0093 Declaration of Owner of Merchandise Obtained in Pursuance of Purchase and Declaration of Importer of Record When Entry is Made by an Agent
1651-0092 Application for Withdrawal of Bonded Stores for Fishing Vessels and Certification of Use
1651-0091 Andean Trade Preferences Act
1651-0090 Commercial Invoice
1651-0089 Advance Notice Requirements for Aircraft Landings and Arrivals
1651-0088 Passenger and Crew Manifest for Passenger Flights
1651-0087 Application for Exemption From Special Landing Requirements (Overflight)
1651-0086 Distribution of Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset to Affected Domestic Producers (CDSOA)
1651-0085 Administrative Rulings
1651-0084 Refund of Duties Paid on Imports of Certain Wool Products
1651-0083 United States-Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act
1651-0082 African Growth and Opportunity Act Certificate of Origin
1651-0081 Delivery Ticket
1651-0080 Deferral of Duty on Large Yachts Imported for Sale
1651-0079 Lay Order Period - General Order Mechandise
1651-0078 Automated Clearinghouse
1651-0077 Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and Trusted Trader Program
1651-0076 Customs and Border Protection Recordkeeping Requirements
1651-0075 Drawback Process Regulations and Entry Collection Documents
1651-0074 Prior Disclosure
1651-0073 Notice of Detention
1651-0072 Certificate of Compliance for Turbine Fuel Withdrawals
1651-0071 NAFTA Duty Deferral
1651-0070 Articles Assembled Abroad with Textile Components Cut to Shape in the U.S.
1651-0069 Voluntary Customer Information Surveys in Support of Executive Order 12862
1651-0068 Importers Declaration/Shippers Declaration
1651-0067 Documentation Requirements for Articles Entered Under Various Special Treatment Provisions
1651-0066 Report of Loss, Detention, or Accident by Bonded Carrier, Cartman, Lighterman, Foreign Trade Zone Operator, or Centralized Examination Station Operator
1651-0065 U.S./Israel Free Trade Agreement
1651-0064 Create/Update Importer Identity Form
1651-0063 Petroleum Refineries in Foreign Trade Subzones
1651-0062 Air Waybill
1651-0061 Application to Establish a Centralized Examination Station
1651-0060 Line Release/Border Release Advanced Screening and Selectivity (BRASS)
1651-0059 Automotive Products Act of 1965
1651-0058 Documents Required Aboard Private Aircraft
1651-0057 Country of Origin Marking Requirements for Containers or Holders
1651-0056 Importation of Ethyl Alcohol for Non-Beverage Purposes
1651-0055 Harbor Maintenance Fee
1651-0054 Exportation of Self-Propelled Vehicles
1651-0053 Approval of Commercial Gaugers & Accreditation of Commercial Laboratories
1651-0052 User Fees
1651-0051 Foreign Trade Zone, Reconciliation, Certification
1651-0050 Importation Bond Structure
1651-0049 Permit to Transfer Containers to a Container Station
1651-0048 Declaration of Persons Who Performed Repairs or Alterations
1651-0047 Required Records for Smelting and Refining Warehouses
1651-0046 Bonded Warehouses-Alterations, Suspensions, Relocations & Discontinuances
1651-0045 Application to Receive Free Materials in a Bonded Warehouse
1651-0044 Free Admittance Under Conditions of Emergency
1651-0043 Application for Bonding of Smelting and Refining
1651-0042 Disclosure of Information on Vessel Manifest
1651-0041 Establishment of a Bonded Warehouse (Bonded Warehouse Regulations)
1651-0040 Establishment of a Container Station
1651-0039 Declaration by the Person Who Performed the Processing of Goods Abroad
1651-0038 Proof of Use for Duty Rates Dependent on Actual Use
1651-0037 Entry of Articles for Exhibition
1651-0036 Declaration of Ultimate Consignee That Articles Were Exported for Temporary Scientific or Educational Purposes
1651-0035 Holders or Containers Which Enter the United States Duty Free
1651-0034 Customs Regulations Pertaining to Customhouse Brokers
1651-0033 Bonded Warehouse Proprietor's Submission
1651-0032 Importers of Merchandise Subject to Actual Use Provisions
1651-0031 Foreign Assemblers Declaration (with Endorsement by Importer)
1651-0030 Declaration of Unaccompanied Articles
1651-0029 Application for Foreign Trade Zone Admission and Status Designation
1651-0028 Cost Submission
1651-0027 Record of Vessel Foreign Repair or Equipment
1651-0026 Customshouse Broker's License/Permit
1651-0025 Report of Diversion
1651-0024 Entry/Immediate Delivery Application and Simplified Entry
1651-0023 Request for Information
1651-0022 Entry Summary
1651-0021 Crew Members Declaration
1651-0020 Crew's Effects Declaration
1651-0019 Vessel Entrance or Clearance Statement
1651-0018 Ship's Stores Declaration
1651-0017 Protest
1651-0016 Insular Possession Certificate of Origin
1651-0015 Temporary Application for Extension of Bond for Importation
1651-0014 Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles
1651-0013 Entry and Manifest of Merchandise Free of Duty, Carrier's Certificate and Release
1651-0012 Lien Notice
1651-0011 Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products
1651-0010 Certificate of Registration
1651-0009 U.S. Customs Declaration
1651-0008 Application for Identification Card
1651-0007 Application for Allowance in Duties
1651-0006 Application & Approval to Manipulate, Examine, Sample or Transfer Goods
1651-0005 Application-Permit-Special License Unlading/Lading, Overtime Services
1651-0004 Application for Exportation of Articles Under Special Bond
1651-0003 Transporation Entry and Manifest of Goods Subject to CBP Inspection and Permit
1651-0002 General Declaration
1651-0001 Cargo Manifest/Declaration, Stow Plan, Container Status Messages and Importer Security Filing

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