Office of the Secretary


Federal Forms

OMB NumberTitle
1894-0023 FAFSA State Survey
1894-0022 U.S. Department of Education Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA) Data Collection
1894-0021 Privacy Act Request Form
1894-0020 FOIA Certification of Identity and Consent Form
1894-0019 Engage Every Student Recognition Program
1894-0018 Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA) Domestic Sourcing Requirements Waiver - United States Department of Education BABAA Waiver Request Form
1894-0017 Grant Application Form for Project Objectives and Performance Measures Information
1894-0016 HBCU Scholar Recognition Program
1894-0015 Education Jobs Annual Performance Report
1894-0014 Race to the Top District Application for Funding
1894-0013 Race to the Top Application for Initial Funding
1894-0012 Race to the Top Annual Performance Report
1894-0011 Race to the Top Program Review Protocols
1894-0010 Survey on Ensuring Equal Opportunity for Applicants
1894-0009 EDGAR Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements
1894-0008 ED-524 Budget Information Non-Construction Programs Form and Instructions
1894-0007 U.S. Department of Education Supplemental Information for the SF-424 Form
1894-0006 Generic Application Package for Departmental Generic Grant Programs
1894-0005 GEPA Section 427 Guidance for All Grant Applications
1894-0004 Streamlined Process for Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) Approved Grant Applications
1894-0003 U.S. Department of Education Grant Performance Report Form (ED 524B)
1894-0002 U.S. Department of Education Grant Performance Report Form (ED 524B)
1894-0001 Streamlined Clearance Process for Discretionary Grants

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