Mental Modeling Draft Screener 05-23-07a

Mental Modeling Draft Screener 05-23-07a.doc

Mental Models Study of Food Terrorism Risk Awareness

Mental Modeling Draft Screener 05-23-07a

OMB: 0910-0618

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FDA Food Terrorism Consumer MM Solicitation

FDA Food Terrorism

Consumer Preparedness and Response to Elevated Threat Level

Draft Consumer Mental Models Research Solicitation Protocol

Potential interviewees will be contacted by phone by a senior Decision Partners interviewer. If they are interested in participating in the interview, a time convenient to them will be set up.


Hi, this is <name>, I’m a research associate with a company called Decision Partners and we’ve been asked by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, to interview consumers to learn about their views on the risks associated with terrorist threats to the food supply. You have been suggested as someone who may be interested in being interviewed. If you agree, the interview would be done over the phone. It would take about 45 minutes and can be scheduled for your convenience. If you participate, you will not be identified as the source of anything you say and your name, or any other personal identification information, will not be provided to the FDA. The interview does not require you to have any specific knowledge about terrorism or the food supply.

The goal for this research is to improve communications about preparedness with consumers.

Would you be willing to be interviewed?

(If no, thank him/her for his/her time.)

(If yes, proceed with screening questions.)

Screening Questions

We are interested in talking with people who have young children at home. Do you have children 14 years old or younger at home?

(If no, thank him/her for his/her time.)

(If yes, ask how many and their ages.)

Do you regularly buy food for the children in your household?

(If no, thank him/her for his/her time.)

(If yes, ask if they are the primary grocery shopper for the household.)

Thank you. I would be very interested in interviewing you. What date and time are most convenient for you? At what telephone number would you like me to call you?

Thank you. I look forward to talking with you then.

(If they want to be interviewed at the time of the first call, proceed with the mental models protocol.)

If no: I’m sorry, you don’t fit the profile of who we are looking to interview. Thank you for your time.

(If ‘no’ on screening questions, record results on weekly research updates.)



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