OPRE Study: Study of Coaching Practices in Early Care and Education Settings (SCOPE) [Descriptive Study]

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0970-0515 202109-0970-005
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OPRE Study: Study of Coaching Practices in Early Care and Education Settings (SCOPE) [Descriptive Study]
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The Study of Coaching Practices in Early Care and Education 2021: Follow-up (SCOPE 2021: Follow-up) is a descriptive study that aims to examine, using web-based surveys and qualitative interviews, the extent to which coaching, and professional development more broadly, have supported early care and education (ECE) settings in providing care for children and families as the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed. The study focuses on both ECE centers and family child care homes that serve low income children, with a primary target of settings that serve children supported by Child Care and Development Fund subsidies or a Head Start grant. The sample frame is comprised of respondents to the Study of Coaching Practices in Early Care and Education Settings 2019 (SCOPE 2019) web-based surveys (OMB# 0970-0515). We began to implement the web-based surveys upon receiving OMB approval. Some of the centers in the SCOPE sample have been closed for a summer break. We are requesting nonsubstantive changes to one study instrument and selected recruitment materials to account for the summer break, which will help center directors appropriately answer survey questions so they are not prematurely routed out of the survey and so they focus on the appropriate timeframe when responding. We would also like to send out a reminder postcard to all nonrespondents to increase responses. We are requesting nonsubstantive changes to the following materials: • Instrument 2 – Center Director Survey • Appendix B1 Survey Recruitment Materials:

PL: Pub.L. 110 - 134 Sections 640(a)(2)(D) & 649 Name of Law: Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007

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  85 FR 83090 12/21/2020
86 FR 22058 04/26/2021

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