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Disclosure of Seat Dimensions to Facilitate the Use of Child Safety Seats on Airplanes During Passenger-Carrying Operations

Statutory Authority

OMB: 2120-0760

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Legal Authority for Information Collection 2120-0760

Section 412 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (Public Law 112-95) specifically required the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct rulemaking, “[T]o require each air carrier operating under part 121 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, to post on the Internet Web site of the air carrier the maximum dimensions of a child safety seat that can be used on each aircraft operated by the air carrier to enable passengers to determine which child safety seats can be used on those aircraft.” As a result, the FAA amended 14 CFR § 121.311, which requires passenger carrying air carriers to make available on their Web sites the width of the widest passenger seat in each class of service for each make, model, and series of airplane used in passenger-carrying operations (80 FR 58575). This amended rule necessitates this collection of information, and specifically, this information collection renewal.

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