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8 CFR 103.2(f) Requests for Premium Processing Service.--(1) Filing information. A petitioner or applicant requesting Premium Processing Service shall submit Form I-907, with the appropriate fee to the Director of the service center having jurisdiction over the application or petition. Premium Processing Service guarantees 15 calendar day processing of certain employment-based petitions and applications. The 15 calendar day processing period begins when the Service receives Form I-907, with fee, at the designated address contained in the instructions to the form. The Service will refund the fee for Premium Processing Service, but continue to process the case, unless within 15 calendar days of receiving the application or petition and Form I-907, issues and serves on the petitioner or applicant an approval notice, a notice of intent to deny, a request for evidence, or opens an investigation relating to the application or petition for fraud or misrepresentation.

(2) Applications and petitions eligible for Premium Processing Service. The Service will designate and terminate petitions and applications as eligible for Premium Processing Service by publication of notices in the Federal Register.

(3) Fees for Premium Processing Services. The fee for Premium Processing Service may not be waived. The fee for Premium Processing Service is in addition to all other filing fees for the application or petition as provided for in § 103.7. A separate remittance must be submitted for the filing fee for Form I-907. If the Service fails to process a petition or application with the 15 calendar day period, the fee for Premium Processing Services will be automatically refunded to the petitioner or applicant, and the Service will continue to process the application/ petition on the premium processing track.

(4) Temporary termination of Premium Processing Service. The Service may designate as eligible for Premium Processing Service certain petitions or applications filed on behalf of nonimmigrant aliens that are subject to annual numerical limitations. In order to ensure equitable access to these limited visa programs, the Service may temporarily terminate the availability of Premium Processing Service for certain petitions or applications. The Service will announce a temporary termination by publication of a notice in the Federal Register. Upon temporary termination of a classification the petition or application will not be rejected. Instead, the petition or application will be moved into the pool of normal processing cases and only the Form I-907 will be rejected and the Fee for Form I-907 will be returned to the applicant or petitioner. (Paragraph (f) added 6/1/01; 66 FR 29682)

Immigration and Nationality Act

Section 286(u) PREMIUM FEE FOR EMPLOYMENT-BASED PETITIONS AND APPLICATIONS- The Attorney General is authorized to establish and collect a premium fee for employment-based petitions and applications. This fee shall be used to provide certain premium-processing services to business customers, and to make infrastructure improvements in the adjudications and customer-service processes. For approval of the benefit applied for, the petitioner/applicant must meet the legal criteria for such benefit. This fee shall be set at $1,000, shall be paid in addition to any normal petition/application fee that may be applicable, and shall be deposited as offsetting collections in the Immigration Examinations Fee Account. The Attorney General may adjust this fee according to the Consumer Price Index.

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