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Federal Forms

OMB NumberTitle
1615-0159 Application for Regional Center Designation
1615-0158 Outstanding Americans by Choice Nominee Questionnaire and Citizenship Ambassador Nominee Questionnaire
1615-0157 Online Request to be a Supporter and Declaration of Financial Support
1615-0156 Request for a Certificate of Non-Existence
1615-0155 Request for Certified Copy of Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA or Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member
1615-0154 Sponsor Deeming and Agency Reimbursement
1615-0153 E-Verify Program
1615-0152 Attestation for Employers Seeking to Employ H-2B Nonimmigrant Workers Essential to the U.S. Food Supply Chain
1615-0151 USCIS Tip Form
1615-0150 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker: H-2A Classification
1615-0149 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker: H-2B Classification
1615-0148 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker: O Classification
1615-0147 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker: L Classification
1615-0146 Application for Nonimmigrant Worker: E and TN Classifications
1615-0145 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker: H-3, P, Q, R Classifications
1615-0144 H-1B Registration Tool
1615-0143 Public Charge Bond
1615-0142 Declaration of Self-Sufficiency
1615-0141 Request for Cancellation of a Public Charge Bond
1615-0140 Citizenship and Integration Direct Services Grant Program
1615-0139 Independent Evaluation of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program
1615-0138 H-1B Cap Registration
1615-0137 Application for Employment Authorization for Abused Nonimmigrant Spouse
1615-0136 Application for Significant Public Benefit Entrepreneur and Instructions for Data Reporting Supplement
1615-0135 Application for Carrier Documentation
1615-0133 Request for Reduced Fee
1615-0132 COLLECTION INSTRUMENT(S): AABB accredited laboratory testing; Rapid DNA prototype Accelerated Nuclear DNA Equipment (ANDE) by NetBio; Rapid DNA prototype RapidHIT200 by IntegenX
1615-0131 USCIS Electronic Payment Processing
1615-0130 Record of Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status
1615-0129 Online Survey of Web Services Employers
1615-0128 E-Verify Program Data Collections
1615-0127 E-Verify Program Data Collections: 2015 Survey of E-Verify Employers
1615-0126 Collection of Qualitative Feedback through Focus Groups
1615-0125 Information About the Customer Profile Management System - IDENTity Verification Tool (CPMS-IVT)
1615-0124 Request for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival
1615-0123 Application for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver
1615-0122 USCIS Online Account Access
1615-0121 Generic Clearance for the Collection of Qualitative Feedback on Agency Service Delivery
1615-0120 Civics and Citizenship Toolkit/Teacher Training Registration
1615-0119 E-Verify Program Data Collection
1615-0118 USCIS Intake Page for Pay.gov
1615-0117 myE-Verify Program
1615-0116 Request for Fee Waiver
1615-0115 E-Verify Program Data Collections
1615-0114 Application for Civil Surgeon Designation
1615-0113 MyAppointment
1615-0112 CNMI Employment Eligibility Verification
1615-0111 Petition for CNMI-Only Nonimmigrant Transition Worker
1615-0110 Survey of Recently Naturalized Citizens
1615-0109 E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance
1615-0108 E-Verify Non-User Survey and Employee-Employer Survey in Arizona
1615-0107 H-2 Petitioner's Employment Related or Fee Related Notification
1615-0106 Petition for Qualifying Family Member of a U-1 Nonimmigrant
1615-0105 Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative; Notice of Entry of Appearance of Foreign Attorney
1615-0104 Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status
1615-0103 CIS Ombudsman Case Problem Submission Worksheet
1615-0102 Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request
1615-0101 Verification Request and Verification Request Supplement
1615-0100 Request for the Return of Original Documents
1615-0099 Application for T Nonimmigrant Status; Application for Immediate Family Member of T-1 Recipient; & Declaration of Law Enforcement Officer for Victim of Trafficking in Persons
1615-0097 Sworn Statement of Refugee Applying for Admission to the United States
1615-0096 Genealogy Index Search Request and Genealogy Records Request
1615-0095 Notice of Appeal or Motion
1615-0093 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker
1615-0092 E-Verify Program
1615-0091 Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document
1615-0090 Application for Status as a Temporary Resident Under Section 245A of the Immigration and Nationality Act
1615-0089 Request for Fee Waiver Denial Letter
1615-0087 Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate Under Section 322
1615-0086 Application for Authorization to Issue Certification for Health Care Workers and Related Requirements
1615-0083 Notice to Student or Exchange Visitor
1615-0082 Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card
1615-0081 Application Requirements for the Adjustment of Status Under Section 586 of Public Law 106-249
1615-0080 USCIS Case Status Online
1615-0079 Application for Replacement/Initial Nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Document
1615-0078 Application to File Declaration of Intention
1615-0077 Generic Clearance of Customer Service Surveys
1615-0076 Sponsor's Notice of Change of Address
1615-0075 Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the INA
1615-0074 Contacts Concerning Project Speak Out
1615-0073 Guidelines on Producing Master Exhibits for Asylum Applications
1615-0072 Application for Suspension of Deportation or Special Rule Cancellation of Removal (Pursuant to Section 203 of Public Law 105-100 (NACARA))
1615-0071 ABC Change of Address Form and Special Filing Instructions for ABC Class Members
1615-0070 Refugee/Asylee Adjusting Status
1615-0069 Application by Refugee for Waiver of Inadmissibility Grounds
1615-0068 Registration for Classification as a Refugee
1615-0067 Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal
1615-0066 The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS)
1615-0065 Petitioning Requirements for H-1C Nonimmigrant Classification
1615-0064 Special Immigrant Visas for Fourth Preference Employment-Based Broadcasters
1615-0063 National Interest Waivers; Supplemental Evidence to I-140 and I-485
1615-0062 Certificates for Health Care Benefits
1615-0061 Application for Regional Center Under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program
1615-0060 Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions
1615-0059 Application for Posthumous Citizenship
1615-0058 Application for Certificate of Citizenship in Behalf of an Adopted Child
1615-0057 Application for Certificate of Citizenship
1615-0056 Application to Preserve Residence for Naturalization
1615-0055 Application for Transfer of Petition for Naturalization
1615-0054 Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony
1615-0053 Request for Certification of Military or Naval Service
1615-0052 Application for Naturalization
1615-0051 Monthly Report on Naturalization Papers
1615-0050 Request for Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings Under Section 336
1615-0049 Request for Certification of Naturalization
1615-0048 Request for Premium Processing Service
1615-0047 Employment Eligibility Verification
1615-0046 Interagency Alien Witness and Informant Record
1615-0045 Petition by Investor to Remove Conditions on Permanent Resident Status
1615-0044 Application for Action on an Approved Application
1615-0043 Application for Temporary Protected Status
1615-0042 Application for Issuance or Replacement of Northern Mariana Card
1615-0041 Liberian Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) Supplement to Form I-765
1615-0040 Application for Employment Authorization
1615-0039 Guam Visa Waiver Agreement
1615-0038 Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence
1615-0037 Refugee/Asylee Relative Petition
1615-0036 Certificate of Satisfactory Pursuit
1615-0035 Application to Adjust Status from Temporary to Permanent Resident
1615-0034 Notice of Appeal of Decision Under Section 210 or 245A of the Immigration and Nationality Act
1615-0033 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record
1615-0032 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility Under Sections 245A or 210 of the Immigration and Nationality Act
1615-0031 Supplementary Statement for Graduate Medical Trainees
1615-0030 Application for Waiver of the Foreign Residence Requirement of Section 212(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act
1615-0029 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility
1615-0028 Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative and Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition
1615-0027 Inter-Agency Record of Request - A, G or NATO Dependent Employment Authorization or Change/Adjustment To/From A, G, NATO Status
1615-0026 Immigrant Petition by Standalone Investor, Immigrant Petition by Regional Center Investor
1615-0025 Waiver of Rights, Privileges, Exemptions and Immunities
1615-0024 HRIFA Supplement to Form I-485 Instructions
1615-0023 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
1615-0022 Request to Enforce Affidavit of Financial Support and Intent to Petition for Custody for Pub. L. 97-359 Amerasian
1615-0021 Affadivit of Financial Support and Intent to Petition for Legal Custody for Public Law 97-359 Amerasian
1615-0020 Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er) or Special Immigrant
1615-0019 Application for Removal
1615-0018 Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the United States after Deportation or Removal
1615-0017 Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant (Pursuant to Section 212(d)(3)(A)(ii) of the INA, Section 212(d)(13) of the INA, or Section 212(d)(14) of the INA)
1615-0016 Application for Relief Under Former Section 212(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
1615-0015 Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers
1615-0014 Declaration of Financial Support
1615-0013 Application for Travel Document
1615-0012 Petition for Alien Relative
1615-0011 H-1B Data Collection and Filing Fee Exemption
1615-0010 Nonimmigrant Petition Based on Blanket L. Petition
1615-0009 Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker
1615-0008 Biographic Information (for Deferred Action)
1615-0007 Alien Change of Address Card
1615-0006 Checklist for On-Site Review of Schools
1615-0005 Application for Benefits Under the Family Unity Program
1615-0004 Supplement A to Form I-539 (Filing Instructions for V Nonimmigrant Status)
1615-0003 Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status
1615-0002 LIFE Legalization Supplement to Form I-485 Instructions
1615-0001 Petition for Alien Fiance(e)

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