Verification Request and Verification Request Supplement

OMB 1615-0101

OMB 1615-0101

In the verification process, a participating agency validates an applicant's immigration status by inputting identifying information into the Verification Information System (VIS), which executes immigration status queries against a range of data sources. If VIS returns an immigration status and the benefit-issuing agency does not find a material discrepancy with the response and the documents provided by the applicant, the verification process is complete. Then, the agency may use that immigration status information in determining whether or not to issue the benefit. In some cases, agencies that do not access the automated verification system may query USCIS by filing Form G-845. Although the Form G-845 does not require it, if needed certain agencies may also file the Form G-845 Supplement with the Form G-845, along with copies of immigration documents to receive additional information necessary to make their benefit determinations. These forms were developed to facilitate communication between all benefit-granting agencies and USCIS to ensure that basic information required to assess status verification requests is provided. USCIS is making minor revisions to the Form G-845 and is streamlining the Form G-845 Supplement with additional immigration statuses that are commonly requested by agencies in order to make their benefit determinations.

The latest form for Verification Request and Verification Request Supplement expires 2021-05-31 and can be found here.

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Verification Request

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