10 CFR 26, Fitness for Duty Programs

ICR 202202-3150-004

OMB: 3150-0146

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3150-0146 202202-3150-004
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10 CFR 26, Fitness for Duty Programs
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Regular 03/04/2022
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09/30/2024 09/30/2024
366,657 366,657
597,976 597,976
20,780 20,780

PROPOSED RULE: "REGULATORY IMPROVEMENTS FOR PRODUCTION AND UTILIZATION FACILITIES TO DECOMMISSIONING" - The proposed rule would result in changes in recordkeeping and reporting burden relative to existing rules by creating a regulatory framework for production and utilization facility licensees transitioning to decommissioning and amending existing regulations that relate to the decommissioning of production and utilization facilities. Decommissioning nuclear power reactor licensees and the NRC have expended substantial resources processing licensing actions for nuclear power reactors during their transition period to decommissioning status. Licensees that are currently transitioning to decommissioning have been requesting NRC review and approval of licensing actions, informed by the low risk of an offsite radiological release posed by a decommissioning reactor. Specifically, the licensees are seeking NRC approval of exemptions and license amendments to revise requirements to reflect the reduced operations and risks posed by a permanently shutdown and defueled reactor. The proposed rule would, on balance, reduce the paperwork burden imposed on production and utilization facility licensees transitioning to decommissioning by establishing a graded approach to the requirements imposed on these facilities. A graded approach would adjust the level of analysis, documentation, and actions necessary to comply with safety requirements and criteria commensurate with several factors, including magnitude of any credible hazard involved, and the balance between radiological and non-radiological hazards as applicable to the level within the decommissioning process. The NRC expects that these proposed changes would enhance the efficiency of the decommissioning process and reduce the overall burden on licensees.

PL: Pub.L. 83 - 703 68 STAT 919 Name of Law: Atomic Energy Act

3150-AJ59 Proposed rulemaking 87 FR 12254 03/03/2022


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10 CFR 26, Fitness for Duty Program NRC Form 890, NRC Form 891, NRC Form 892 Single Positive Test Form ,   Annual Reporting Form for Drug and Alcohol Tests ,   Annual Fatigue Reporting Form
COVID-19 Work Hour Controls Exemption Request Form Part 26 Work Hour Controls Exemption Request COVID-19 WORK HOUR CONTROLS EXEMPTION REQUEST FORM

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Annual Number of Responses 366,657 366,657 0 0 0 0
Annual Time Burden (Hours) 597,976 597,976 0 0 0 0
Annual Cost Burden (Dollars) 20,780 20,780 0 0 0 0

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