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EAC-Federal Financial Report (EACFFR)
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Regular 03/16/2022
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The EAC Office of Grants Management (EAC/OGM) is responsible for distributing, monitoring, and providing technical assistance to states and grantees on the use of federal HAVA funds. EAC/OGM also reports on how the funds are spent, negotiates indirect cost rates with grantees, and resolves audit findings on the use of HAVA funds. The EAC-FFR is employed for all grant related financial reports issued under HAVA authority. The use of this form directly benefits award recipients by making it easier for them to administer federal grant and cooperative agreement programs through routine reporting on 2CFR200 required information- thereby reducing their administrative effort and costs. This modified FFR will derive necessary data for reporting to Congress on HAVA activities. By expanding upon fields within the SF425 to clarify specific expense activity related to HAVA formula funding guidelines, the EAC can better coordinate required financial data for both the grantee, agency, and Congress. Though many of the fields will remain unchanged, as per previous authorized use of the SF425 under RCF ID: 202006-3265-002CF, notable changes specific to EAC funding will be made. Specifics include: Tracking collected interest on award funds provided by the EAC as an advance and any accrued interest on the recipient share. . The EAC has partnered with GrantSolutions service for end-to-end grant administration. The EAC will be moving from submission of financial data in the HHS Payment Management System to GrantSolutions for all reporting, beginning FY2023. To prepare for this transition, the EAC would like to make the financial reporting more aligned to EAC specific grants with fields that are currently missing in the standard FFR. The current work around to accommodate agency specific instructions creates confusion and errors from grantee submissions. To avoid these issues, the minor customization of the standard FFR will serve the agency and its stakeholders for more timely, accurate and complete reporting. The population for the data collection are the 56 states and territories (EAC formula grantees) receiving HAVA grants. Recipients of this funding are finite. EAC will email grantees notice of the required forms and guidance on our website for easy location and access. EAC will also offer technical assistance as requested in completing and submitting financial reporting. Training will be provided to recipients on the use of GrantSolutions for reporting.


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  87 FR 780 01/06/2022
87 FR 14845 03/16/2022

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Miscellaneous Actions
The updated EAC FFR will provide ability to document grant financial reporting (per 2CFR200) with use of the noted modified SF425, previously employed under Previous ROCIS #: RCF ID: 202006-3265-002CF

Kinza Ghaznavi 202 400-1086 [email protected]


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