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Volunteer Service Application

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Volunteer Service Application

OMB: 3095-0060

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OMB CONTROL NO. 3095-0060 • EXPIRES 0X/30/20XX

Standards of Conduct for Volunteers
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) recruits volunteers for our:

• presidential libraries

• field facilities
• Washington, DC-area locations.
Volunteers help NARA achieve its goals by donating their time and talents for

work with the public and for work behind-the-scenes.

The primary objective of the NARA Volunteer Program is to assist the National

Ar-chives and those using its services. The Standards of Conduct listed here have been

developed to define the responsibilities and obligations that go with this volunteer

All volunteers must follow these Standards of Conduct. If any volunteer violates

any of these standards, NARA may terminate that volunteer’s service.

NARA volunteers must always act in a courteous, considerate, and prompt

man-ner in dealing with the public, fellow volunteers, and National Archives
staff. NARA volunteers must avoid any action, whether or not specifically

mentioned in these Standards of Conduct, which might result in or create the
appearance of:

a. Using their NARA volunteer position for the private gain of themselves or

b. Giving preferential treatment to any one NARA user over another;
c. Impeding Government or NARA efficiency or economy;

d. Being partisan; endorsing a particular group, individual, or political perspective; or advancing a social agenda;

e. Affecting adversely the confidence of the public in the integrity of the Government or of NARA.


NARA volunteers may not behave in any way that causes people to believe

that the work of a private group is actually the work of the government.

NARA volunteers must keep any nonpublic information confidential and may

not make use of outside of NARA any nonpublic information, for themselves or
oth-ers, if such information is not generally available to the public or if such

informa-tion was obtained solely by reason of their NARA volunteers service.

NARA volunteers who are members of a private group, association, or

organiza-tion must avoid activities on behalf of the group, which might imply
endorsement of the group by NARA or the Government.





OMB CONTROL NO. 3095-0060 • EXPIRES 0X/30/20XX

Standards of Conduct for Volunteers
5. NARA volunteers must preserve the security and integrity of Federal property, including archival and donated historical materials in the custody of the National Archives and the Presidential libraries. They must observe all NARA regulations and
procedures for storing, handling, and disclosing information from these records and


6. During their NARA volunteer shifts, volunteers may not represent any other
group. Also, NARA volunteers may not solicit research or tour-guiding business

in a NARA facility while serving as a NARA volunteer. Volunteers may not in-

clude their volunteer status at NARA on any business card.

7. NARA volunteers may not personally seek nor accept money or any other thing of
value (including gifts of any kind) in connection with their NARA service, except

in those instances when they are acting on behalf of an officially recognized NARA
support organization.

8. NARA volunteers may use, take, dispose of, or allow others to use, take, or dispose
of Government records, property, facilities, or services of any kind only if they are

doing so for officially approved Government business. Government facilities, tele-

phones, property, and staff may be used only for official NARA business and only
when authorized by appropriate NARA officials.


NARA volunteers may describe themselves as representing the National

Archives only when authorized to do so. Also, when representing the agency to the

public—whether on-site, at other locations, or virtually—NARA volunteers may

speak only at venues and on subjects that are in keeping with the mission of NARA.

10. NARA volunteers may publish and distribute the products of their volunteer service
only after NARA has released the products or the information they contain to the
public. Examples of such products are indices or descriptive lists, obtained or created in the course of the volunteers’ duties for NARA. In addition, NARA volunteers

may not claim copyright in the products, because the products are NARA property
(that is, “works of the United States) and are not eligible for copyright protection.

11. The rules in paragraphs 1 – 10 above apply when a NARA volunteer is performing
volunteer services for another Government entity as a NARA volunteer.

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