Supporting Statement B for USPTO_A 11 Section 280 Improving Customer Experience

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Improving Customer Experience (OMB Circular A-11, Section 280 Implementation)

OMB: 0651-0088

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Generic Clearance for Improving Customer Experience

(OMB Circular A-11, Section 280 Implementation)

Data collection methods and procedures will vary; however, the primary purpose of these collections will be for improving service delivery; public sharing of this data is limited to the context described in Supporting Statement A.

  1. Universe and Respondent Selection

The activities under this clearance may involve samples of self-selected customers, as well as convenience samples, and quota samples, with respondents selected either to cover a broad range of customers or to include specific characteristics related to certain products or services.

Results will not be used to make statements representative of the universe of study, to produce statistical descriptions (careful, repeatable measurements), or to generalize the data beyond the scope of the sample. The specific sample planned for each individual collection and the method for soliciting participation will be described fully in each information collection request.

Qualitative research interviews and surveys are tools used by program managers to change or improve programs, products, or services. The accuracy, reliability, and applicability of the results of these surveys are adequate for their purpose.

The samples associated with this collection are not subjected to the same scrutiny as scientifically drawn samples as they are not meant to be interpreted similarly.

  1. Procedures for Collecting Information

Data collection methods and procedures will vary and the specifics of these will be provided with each collection request. The Agency expects to use a variety of methodologies for these collections. For example, the Agency or its contractors may use commercial survey-specific software to automate its collection and analysis of feedback. In addition to physical copies, information collection instruments may be electronically disseminated and/or posted on target pages of the Agency’s web site. Telephone scripts, personal interviews, and focus groups with professional guidance and moderation may also be used.

  1. Methods to Maximize Response

Information collected under this generic clearance will not yield generalizable quantitative findings; it can provide useful customer input. The use of the government-wide standard customer feedback measures and recommended methods for implementing (asking no more than 15 questions, including up to two free response, asking these questions as close to the transaction as possible) are aimed at increasing response rates of feedback surveys.

  1. Testing of Procedures

Pretesting may be done with internal staff, and no more than nine external colleagues, and/or customers who are familiar with the programs and products.



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