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Private Insitution Affected Info 1845-0022 NPRM 2022 updated

Student Assistance: Not for profit Private Institutions

OMB: 1845-0022

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1845-0022 – Affected Public – Private Institutions 7/12/2022

The Department of Education (the Department) proposes to amend the Student Assistance General Provisions regulations issued under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), to implement changes made to the Student Assistance General Provisions regulations in §668.74 – Employability of graduates. These proposed regulations are a result of negotiated rulemaking and would add requirements to the current regulations.

The proposed regulation in §668.74(g)(2) contains a provision that allows the Department to verify that an institution correctly calculated its job placement rate by requiring an institution to furnish to the Secretary, upon request, documentation and other data that was used to calculate the institution’s employment rate calculations.

§668.74 – Employability of graduates.

Under proposed section §668.74(g)(2), the Department is regulating the misrepresentation of employability of an institution’s graduates such that an institution must, upon request, furnish the Secretary with documentation and other information used to calculate the institution’s employment rate calculations upon which a student may rely to enter into a program of study.


We believe there would be modest burden to an institution to fulfill such a request as this would consist of providing the existing background data which were used in the employment rates that were presented to the student borrowers. We believe that such required reporting would be made by 2 Private Not-for-profit, 2 For-Profit and 2 Public institutions annually. It is anticipated that 6 institutions will receive such a request and that it will take 8 hours to copy and prepare for submission to the Department such evidence of their calculated employment rates for a total of 48 burden hours (6 institutions X 1 response x 8 hours = 48 burden hours).

These regulations change the respondents/responses/burden hours for Private Institutions in this collection by 2/2/16.


Responses 266,677

Respondents 141,093

Burden Hours 564,642

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