Establishing No-Discharge Zones Under Clean Water Act Section 312 (Renewal)

ICR 202208-2040-001

OMB: 2040-0187

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2040-0187 202208-2040-001
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EPA/OW 1791.09
Establishing No-Discharge Zones Under Clean Water Act Section 312 (Renewal)
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Regular 08/12/2022
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36 Months From Approved 08/31/2022
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(1) Sewage No-Discharge Zones (NDZs): CWA section 312(f) and the implementing regulations in 40 CFR part 140 identify the information that must be included in a state's application to the EPA to establish an NDZ for vessel sewage for some or all of the state's waters. In designated NDZs, the discharge of both treated and untreated sewage from vessels is prohibited. A state is not required to designate an NDZ and therefore need only develop applications for waters where such a discharge prohibition has been deemed necessary and beneficial by the state. This ICR addresses the burden to state respondents to develop applications containing the necessary information, as well as the burden associated with the EPA's review of state applications. (2) Uniform National Discharge Standards (UNDS) NDZs and Review of Discharge Determination or Standard: CWA section 312(n)(7) and the implementing regulations in 40 CFR part 1700 identify the information that a state must submit to the EPA in the state's application to establish an NDZ for one or more discharges incidental to the normal operation of a vessel of the Armed Forces. A state may seek an NDZ designation for any incidental discharge subject to UNDS for which the EPA and Department of Defense (DoD) have promulgated national standards of performance and corresponding implementing regulations, respectively. In addition, CWA section 312(n)(5) provides that that the Governor of any state may petition the EPA and DoD to review any discharge determination or standard promulgated under CWA section 312(n) for vessels of the Armed Forces if there is significant new information that could reasonably result in a change to the discharge determination or standard. This ICR addresses the burden to a state respondent to develop applications for NDZs and requests for a review of a determination or standard and the burden to the EPA to review the applications.

PL: Pub.L. 92 - 500 1322 Name of Law: Federal Water Pollution Control Act

Not associated with rulemaking

  87 FR 3804 01/25/2022
87 FR 49820 08/12/2022

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