REL Peer Review: Pilot Data Collection Methods for Examining the Use of Research Evidence

ICR 202308-1850-002

OMB: 1850-0990

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ED/IES ED-2023-SCC-0155
REL Peer Review: Pilot Data Collection Methods for Examining the Use of Research Evidence
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Regular 11/13/2023
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The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) within the U.S. Department of Education (ED) requests clearance for data collection activities to support a pilot study of the reliability and validity of survey items used to assess the use of research evidence (URE) among education agencies and other partners served by the Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs). The REL program is an essential IES investment focused on partnering with state and local education agencies to use evidence to improve education outcomes by creating tangible research products and providing engaging learning experiences and consultation. IES seeks to better understand how REL partners use research evidence to improve education outcomes and the role of RELs in promoting URE among partners. This study will test the reliability and validity of new and extant URE items in the REL context. Specifically, the study will (1) assess how existing items from the URE literature perform in a REL context and (2) assess the reliability and validity of a small set of items from the Stakeholder Feedback Surveys (SFS) that are currently administered to REL partners and used by IES to improve the work of REL contractors, inform the REL program as a whole, and address internal requests such as the Congressional Budget Justification. The reliability and validity of the new and existing survey items will be assessed through two data collection activities: an online survey administered to a set of partnerships across RELs and follow-up interviews with a subset of REL partners.


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  88 FR 60194 08/31/2023
88 FR 77569 11/13/2023

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REL Peer Review: Pilot Data Collection Methods for Examining the Use of Research Evidence

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