45 CFR 303.7 - Provision of Services in Intergovernmental IV-D; Federally Approved Forms

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0970-0085 202311-0970-009
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45 CFR 303.7 - Provision of Services in Intergovernmental IV-D; Federally Approved Forms
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02/28/2026 02/28/2026
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The federally-approved intergovernmental forms are used to facilitate interstate child support case processing when more than one state child support agency is involved, estimated to be in about 15-25% of child support cases. Use of these federal forms is required by 45 CFR 303.7(a)(4) and Section 311(b) of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (state law that states must adopt as a condition of receiving federal funding for child support). This information collection was first approved in 1988 and has evolved over time. The current set of forms will expire in February 2026. Currently, there are 13 intergovernmental forms each addressing different case processing actions that may be needed in a case. Some of the forms are for agency use only, while some may be completed by private individuals or entities involved in the case. For a list of the forms, see the OCSS website: Intergovernmental Child Support Enforcement Forms | The Administration for Children and Families (hhs.gov). Many families receiving child support services may be English-language learners for whom forms in English are a barrier to receiving effective services. Over the years, states have asked OCSS for translated versions of the forms, especially to serve the large numbers of Spanish-speaking families in many states. According to 2019 Census data, as many as 41 million people speak Spanish in their homes in the U.S. Better serving these families with translated forms aligns with Secretary Becerra’s commitment to improve and provide language access services to English-language learners (i.e., individuals with Limited English Proficiency) under Executive Orders 13166, 13985, and 14031.

US Code: 42 USC 666(f) Name of Law: Requirement of statutorily prescribed procedures to improve effectiveness of child support enforceme

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  87 FR 17297 03/28/2022
87 FR 59100 09/29/2022

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