Generic Clearance for Census Bureau Field Tests and Evaluations

OMB 0607-0971

OMB 0607-0971

The Census Bureau plans to test the use of new and improved data collection techniques for self-enumeration and interviewer data-collection tasks surrounding and following the ongoing census and survey operations. The research and evaluation may include: research on public outreach, messaging, and similar invitations to participate in surveys; developing alternative enumeration or follow-up questionnaires; usability issues; conducting interviews or debriefings; and non-English language training and interviews. The questions asked in these studies will be typical census or survey questions and questions related to that content or attitudinal, opinion and satisfaction questions related to responding to Census Bureau surveys.

The latest form for Generic Clearance for Census Bureau Field Tests and Evaluations expires 2023-02-28 and can be found here.

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2020 P&C Evaluation of Web Response

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Form 12020 Census Opinion Survey PaperPaper OnlyForm and instruction
Form 22020 Census Opinion Survey CAIFillable FileableForm and instruction

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