Alaska Chinook Salmon Economic Data Report (EDR)

OMB 0648-0633

OMB 0648-0633

The Chinook Salmon (Amendment 91) EDR program is managed primarily by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, with support from NMFS Alaska Region, and is administered in collaboration with Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. The EDR is a mandatory reporting requirement under 50 CFR 679.65 for all entities participating in the American Fisheries Act (AFA) BSAI pollock trawl fishery, including vessel masters and businesses that own or lease one or more AFA‐permitted vessels active in fishing or processing BSAI pollock, CDQ groups receiving allocations of BSAI pollock, and representatives of Sector entities receiving allocations of Chinook salmon prohibited species catch (PSC) from NMFS. The EDR program is comprised of three separate survey forms: • Chinook salmon PSC Allocation Compensated Transfer Report (CTR), • Vessel Fuel Survey • Vessel Master Survey The Chinook EDR Program provides information for determining the effectiveness of Amendment 91 to the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Management (BSAI) Area Fishery Management Plan.

The latest form for Alaska Chinook Salmon Economic Data Report (EDR) expires 2021-06-30 and can be found here.

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Annual Chinook Salmon PSC Compensated Transfer Report (CTR)

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