Shortages Data Collection

OMB 0910-0491

OMB 0910-0491

FDA maintains a medical device database which allows FDA to identify locations and manufacturers of hard to locate medical devices in the context of a Federally-declared disaster/emergency, an official emergency preparedness exercise, or a potential public health risk posed by non-disaster-related device shortage. Because of the dynamic nature of the medical device industry, particularly with respect to specific product lines, manufacturing capabilities and raw material/subcomponent sourcing, it is necessary to update the data in the Emergency Shortages Data Collection System at regular intervals, but efforts are made to limit the frequency of outreach to a specific manufacturer to no more than every 4 months. The Emergency Shortages Data Collection System will only include those medical devices for which there will likely be high demand during a specific emergency/disaster, or for which there are sufficiently small numbers of manufacturers such that disruption of manufacture, or loss of one or more of these manufacturers would create a shortage.

The latest form for Shortages Data Collection expires 2021-05-31 and can be found here.

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Shortages Data Collection System

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