Food Allergen Labeling and Reporting

OMB 0910-0792

OMB 0910-0792

This information collection supports an agency guidance document entitled, "Guidance for Industry: Food Allergen Labeling Exemption Petitions and Notifications." The guidance is intended to help industry prepare petitions and notifications seeking exemptions from the labeling requirements for ingredients derived from major food allergens. The respondents to this collection are manufacturers and packers of packaged foods sold in the United States that declare the presence of a major food allergen on the product label and seek an exemption from the labeling requirements of section 403(w)(1) of the FD&C Act.

The latest form for Food Allergen Labeling and Reporting expires 2021-05-31 and can be found here.

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Petition for exemption under 403(w)(6)

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