Medical Monitoring Project

OMB 0920-0740

OMB 0920-0740

The Medical Monitoring Project (MMP) was designed to address the need for a national behavioral and clinical surveillance system for HIV-infected persons, as articulated in CDC's HIV Prevention Strategic Plan. It is a supplemental surveillance project designed to describe the health-related behaviors, experiences and needs of adults diagnosed with HIV in the United States. It's intended use is to guide national and local HIV-related service organization and delivery and to monitor receipt of HIV treatment and prevention services and clinical outcomes.

The latest form for Medical Monitoring Project expires 2021-06-30 and can be found here.

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8a_MMP 2018 Questionnaire (English)

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Health - Public Health Monitoring

Form 0920-0740Medical Monitoring Project 2018 Questionnaire v.14.1.0Fillable PrintableForm
Form 0920-0222MMP 2015-2017 Questionnaire v 11.2.3Paper OnlyForm
Form 0920-0222MMP 2018 Cuestionario v.14.0.7Fillable PrintableForm

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