Collection of Encounter Data from MA Organizations, Section 1876 Cost HMOs/CMPs, MMPs, and PACE Organizations (CMS-10340)

OMB 0938-1152

OMB 0938-1152

CMS uses the risk adjustment data to develop individual risk scores for risk adjusted payment under Part C. As required by law, CMS also establishes the risk adjustment methodology and annually publishes the risk adjustment factors for MA organizations and other interested entities in the Advance Notice of Methodological Changes for MA Payment Rates (every February) and the Announcement of Medicare Advantage Payment Rates (every April). Risk adjustment data in particular is used to calibrate the CMS-HCC risk adjustment models using MA patterns of diagnoses, utilization, and expenditures. While establishing a risk adjustment model appropriate for the MA program is the paramount reason for collecting MA risk adjustment, there are other important uses of the data that will improve other key functions undertaken by CMS. Data is used for the calculation of Medicare Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments. CMS collects inpatient stay information for the Medicare managed care enrollees. In particular, we collect the admission date, discharge date, Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN), and Medicare hospital number/CCN. Further, we also use the data for quality review and improvement activities. For example, MA risk adjustment data may be used in the development and calculation of quality measures for MA organizations. Other uses for the data include geographical acuity studies, utilization trends and detection of abuse as defined in the False Claim Act. Additional uses for the data include verifying the accuracy and validity of the reasonable costs claimed on Cost Reports submitted by section 1876 Cost HMOs/CMPs and section 1833 HCPPs. Finally, as stated in the regulation, we use the data for Medicare coverage purposes. For example, we can use risk adjustment data for the determination of whether day limits have been exhausted and, if not, how many such days are left.

The latest form for Collection of Encounter Data from MA Organizations, Section 1876 Cost HMOs/CMPs, MMPs, and PACE Organizations (CMS-10340) expires 2021-04-30 and can be found here.

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