No Wrong Door System Management Tool

OMB 0985-0062

OMB 0985-0062

The purpose of the No Wrong Door System Management Tool (NWD MT) data collection is to provide a platform for documenting key elements that are necessary to evaluate the progress of the NWD System model and to understand and document the extent to which a state’s NWD System is streamlining and coordinating access to LTSS through four core functions of State Governance and Administration, Public Outreach and Coordination with Key Referral Sources, Person-Centered Counseling, and Streamlined Eligibility for Public Programs. In addition, the Veteran Directed Care (VDC) Tool will collect qualitative and quantitative data elements necessary to evaluate the impact of the VDC program. The NWD MT and VDC tool will track key performance measures and identify best practices and technical assistance needs.

The latest form for No Wrong Door System Management Tool expires 2022-04-30 and can be found here.

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No Wrong Door System Management Tool-State and Local Level

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Health - Health Care Services

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