Experimental Sites Initiative Reporting Tool 2020

OMB 1845-0150

OMB 1845-0150

Federal Student Aid (FSA) is requesting approval of changes to the Experimental Sites Initiative (ESI) Loan Counseling experiment School Survey. Since approval of the information collection, the Institute of Education Sciences has been identified to lead the evaluation of the Loan Counseling experiment. The School Survey questions have been re-ordered and re-structured from the approved collection to allow for pre-coded response categories, while retaining open-ended response options. The School Survey does not currently include all of the previously cleared questions. There is no change to the number of responses/respondents/burden hours. These changes have been previewed and approved by OMB.

The latest form for Experimental Sites Initiative Reporting Tool 2020 expires 2021-04-30 and can be found here.

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