Title VI as it Applies to FTA Grant Programs

OMB 2132-0540

OMB 2132-0540

This information collection request is for an extension without change of a currently approved information collection under OMB control number 2132-0540 “Title VI as it Applies to FTA Grant Programs”. This is a mandatory collection of information that requires that transit agency applicants, recipients, and sub-recipients receiving federal financial assistance provide a Title VI Program Plan to FTA. The program plan guarantees the level and quality of public transportation service is provided in a nondiscriminatory manner; promotes full and fair participation in public transportation decision-making without regard to race, color, or national origin; and safeguards meaningful access to transit-related programs and activities by persons with limited English proficiency. An example of a Title VI Program Plan has been submitted with this ICR under supplemental information. The program plan is a word document that includes the following information; a copy of the transit agencies Title VI notice to the public that indicates the recipient complies with Title VI, and informs members of the public of the protections against discrimination; a list of locations where the notice is posted; a copy of the agencies instructions to the public regarding how to file a Title VI discrimination complaint, including a copy of the complaint form; a list of any public transportation-related Title VI investigations, complaints, or lawsuits filed with the recipient since the time of the last submission; a public participation plan that includes an outreach plan to engage minority and limited English proficient populations, as well as a summary of outreach efforts made since the last Title VI Program submission, a copy of the agencies plan for providing language assistance to persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP; the racial breakdown of advisory councils, board of directors or other membership committees; a narrative of efforts that primary grant recipients use to ensure sub-recipients are complying with Title VI, as well as a schedule of sub-recipient Title VI program submissions; a copy of the Title VI equity analysis conducted during the planning stage with regard to the location of any facility they are building prior to construction along with any additional information, depending on whether the recipient is a fixed route transit provider, a State, or an MPO. The information collection is for record keeping purposes and requires that each transit agency update their Title VI plan every three years as it may be requested as needed or during the State Management Review or Triennial Review by FTA’s Office of Civil Rights.

The latest form for Title VI as it Applies to FTA Grant Programs expires 2023-11-30 and can be found here.

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