Public Awareness Program

OMB 2137-0622

OMB 2137-0622

This information collection request would require pipeline operators to develop and implement public awareness programs. The public awareness programs should establish communications and provide information necessary to enhance public understanding of how pipelines function and the public's role in promoting pipeline safety. This mandatory, annual reporting and record keeping collection requires operators to submit their completed programs to PHMSA or, in the case of an intrastate pipeline facility operator, the appropriate State agency. The operator's program documentation and evaluation results must also be available for periodic review by appropriate regulatory agencies. This information will be used by PHMSA to evaluate compliance with pipeline safety regulations. The purpose of the collection is to prevent the risks caused by unintentional pipeline releases and their impact on the public and the environment.

The latest form for Public Awareness Program expires 2021-09-30 and can be found here.

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Public Awareness Program Development

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