Reparations Complaint, CFTC Form 30

OMB 3038-0115

OMB 3038-0115

Pursuant to Section 14(b) of the Act, Congress provided the Commission with authority to promulgate rules necessary to administer the Reparations program. In 1984, the Commission promulgated Part 12 of the Commission regulations to administer Section 14. Rule 12.13 provides the standards and procedures for filing a Reparations complaint. Specifically, subparagraph (b) describes the form and content requirements of a complaint. Form 30 mirrors the requirements set forth in subparagraph (b). Form 30 was created to assist customers, who are typically pro se and non-lawyers. It was also designed as a way to give proper notice to respondents of the charges against them. The purpose of Reparations is to provide a low-cost, efficient, and effective forum to resolve private disputes involving potential violations of the Act and/or Regulations. This form is critical to fulfilling this policy goal. Accordingly, the Commission is requesting an OMB control number to continue use Form 30.

The latest form for Reparations Complaint, CFTC Form 30 expires 2021-02-28 and can be found here.

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