Focus Groups

OMB 3041-0136

OMB 3041-0136

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is conducting focus groups to solicit and obtain direct feedback from consumers on issues related to product safety such as recall effectiveness, product use, and perceptions regarding safety issues. Information collected from focus groups will help inform the Commission's evaluation of consumer products and product use by providing insight and information into consumer perceptions and usage patterns. Such information also may assist the Commission's efforts to support voluntary standards activities and help identify areas regarding consumer safety issues that need additional research. In addition, the information will assist with forming new ways of providing user friendly data to consumers through CPSC's Web site and information and education campaigns.

The latest form for Focus Groups expires 2021-01-31 and can be found here.

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Field trial focus group for recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs)

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Health - Consumer Health and Safety

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