Rule 605 of Regulation NMS (f/k/a Rule 11Ac1-5)

OMB 3235-0542

OMB 3235-0542

The information disclosed under Rule 605 of Regulation NMS will be used by investors, broker-dealers, and market centers to help analyze order execution practices and evaluate different market centers. Respondents will be market centers. The Commission recently adopted amendments to Regulation NMS to require new disclosures by broker-dealers relating to their handling of certain categories of orders and enhance existing disclosures relating to their handling to certain other categories of orders and solicited public comment. As part of this, the Commission also amended Rule 605(a)(2) to require market centers to keep reports required pursuant to Rule 605(a)(1) posted on an Internet Web site that is free of charge and readily accessible to the public for a period of three years from the initial date of posting on the Internet Web site. This amendment does not impose a burden because Rule 605 as previously adopted required that reports to be posted to an Internet Web site and the amendment merely prescribes a minimum period of time that the reports shall remain posted. We are adjusting the burden for Rule 605, however, because we have increased our estimate of the number of respondents.

The latest form for Rule 605 of Regulation NMS (f/k/a Rule 11Ac1-5) expires 2022-02-28 and can be found here.

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