Rule 15Ga-2 and Form ABS-15G

OMB 3235-0675

OMB 3235-0675

Form ABS-15G is used for reports of information required under Rule 15Ga-1 and Rule 15Ga-2 of the Exchange Act of 1934. Exchange Act Rule 15Ga-1 requires asset-backed securitizers to provide disclosure regarding fulfilled and unfulfilled repurchase requests with respect to asset-backed securities. Rule 15Ga-2 requires an issuer or underwriter of certain Exchange Act-ABS that are to be rated by an NRSRO to submit a Form ABS-15G.

The latest form for Rule 15Ga-2 and Form ABS-15G expires 2021-10-31 and can be found here.

SEC filings made via the EDGAR database are searchable on, along with a feed of the latest filings for OMB 3235-0675: Form ABS-15G filings .

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Form ABS-15G annual reporting burden

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