Experimental Study on Consumer Responses to Labeling Statements on Food Packages

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0910-0735 201205-0910-001
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Experimental Study on Consumer Responses to Labeling Statements on Food Packages
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Research suggests consumer product perceptions and purchase decisions can be influenced by labeling statements and different labeling statements may have different influences (Refs. 9-12). Therefore, the FDA, as part of its effort to promote public health, proposes to use this study to explore consumer responses to food labels that bear multiple labeling statements. Specifically, the study plans to examine: (1) consumer responses to food labels that exhibit various combinations of the number and type of statements; (2) whether and how consumer responses to one label characteristic may be affected by the other characteristic (i.e., the interactions between different characteristics of labeling statements); and (3) whether and how labeling statements affect the use of the Nutrition Facts label.

US Code: 21 USC 393 Name of Law: Nutrition Labeling and Education Act

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  76 FR 20675 04/13/2011
77 FR 21780 04/11/2012

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