Experimental Study on Consumer Perceptions of Modified Risk Tobacco Products (MRTP)

ICR 201602-0910-003

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0910-0819 201602-0910-003
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Experimental Study on Consumer Perceptions of Modified Risk Tobacco Products (MRTP)
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Approved with change 07/19/2016
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Approved consistent with the understanding that as the study will use convenience samples rather than probability samples-- the agency does not intend to generate nationally representative results or precise estimates of population parameters from the experimental study. These limitations regarding the non-generalizability of the study's outcomes will be communicated in all forthcoming publications, reports, and presentations.
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This experimental study, comprised of three sub-studies, will examine consumer reactions to tobacco products claiming to reduce risk or the exposure to a harmful substance to the user. The study is part of the agency’s on-going efforts to better understand the impact of the marketing of “modified risk tobacco products” (MRTP) on consumer perceptions, understanding, and intended behaviors. This experimental study, conducted online with an internet survey panel, will assess consumers’ reactions to hypothetical MRTPs, including their understanding of the product, their attitudes and beliefs about it, and their interest in trying and using the product. The study will include participants from a range of age groups (adolescent, young adults, and adults) and a diversity of tobacco use histories (current, former, never users; adolescents susceptible to use). The study will examine the impact of potential claims about conventional cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products.

PL: Pub.L. 111 - 31 911(a) Name of Law: FD&C Act

Not associated with rulemaking

  79 FR 68888 11/19/2014
81 FR 5470 02/02/2016

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Adult Screener
Study 1 (Adults)
Study 2 (Adults)
Adolescent Screener
Study 3 (Adolescent)

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