1625-0011 Stat/Authority


CG-2554 Private Aids to Navigation Application. CG-4143 Application for Class I Private Aids to Navigation on Artificial Islands/Fixed Structures

1625-0011 Stat/Authority

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§ 66.01–25

confines of their respective districts
(see Part 3 of this chapter for descriptions) the authority to grant permission to establish and maintain, discontinue, change or transfer ownership
of private aids to maritime navigation,
and otherwise administer the requirements of this subpart.
(b) The decisions of the District Commander may be appealed within 30 days
from the date of decision. The decision
of the Commandant in any case is
[CGFR 68–152, 33 FR 19816, Dec. 27, 1968, as
amended by USCG–1998–3799, 63 FR 35526,
June 30, 1998]

§ 66.01–5 Application procedure.
Application to establish and maintain, discontinue, change, or transfer
ownership of a private aid to navigation shall be made to the Commander
of the Coast Guard District in which
the private aid to navigation is or will
be located. Application forms (CG–2554)
will be provided upon request. The applicant shall complete all parts of the
form applicable to the aid to navigation concerned, and shall forward the
application in triplicate to the District
Commander. The following information
is required:
(a) The proposed position of the aid
to navigation by two or more horizontal angles, or bearings and distance
from charted landmarks. A section of
chart or sketch showing the proposed
location of the aid to navigation shall
be included.
(b) The name and address of the person at whose expense the aid will be
(c) The name and address of the person who will maintain the aid to navigation.
(d) The time and dates during which
it is proposed to operate the aid.
(e) The necessity for the aid.
(f) For lights: The color, characteristic, height above water, and description of illuminating apparatus.
(g) For fog signals: Type (whistle,
horn, bell, etc.) and characteristic.
(h) For buoys or daybeacons: Shape,
color, number, or letter, depth of water
in which located or height above water.
(i) For racons: Manufacturer and
model number of racon, height above
water of desired installation, and re-

quested coding characteristic. Equipment must have FCC authorization.
[CGFR 68–152, 33 FR 19816, Dec. 27, 1968, as
amended by CGD 85–057, 51 FR 11448, Apr. 3,

§ 66.01–10 Characteristics.
The characteristics of a private aid
to navigation shall conform to the
United States Aids to Navigation System described in Subpart B of Part 62
of this subchapter, except that only
tungsten-incandescent light sources
will be approved for electric lights.
[CGD 86–031, 52 FR 42645, Nov. 6, 1987, as
amended by CGD 93–047, 58 FR 64153, Dec. 6,
1993; CGD 97–018, 63 FR 33573, June 19, 1998]

§ 66.01–15 Action by Coast Guard.
(a) The District Commander receiving the application will review it for
completeness and will assign the aid
one of the following classifications:
Class I: Aids to navigation on marine
structures or other works which the
owners are legally obligated to establish, maintain and operate as prescribed by the Coast Guard.
Class II: Aids to navigation exclusive
of Class I located in waters used by
general navigation.
Class III: Aids to navigation exclusive of Class I located in waters not ordinarily used by general navigation.
(b) Upon approval by the District
Commander, a signed copy of the application will be returned to the applicant. Approval for the operation of
radar beacons (racons) will be effective
for an initial two year period, then subject to annual review without further
submission required of the owner.
[CGFR 68–152, 33 FR 19816, Dec. 27, 1968, as
amended by CGD 85–057, 51 FR 11448, Apr. 3,

§ 66.01–20 Inspection.
All classes of private aids to navigation shall be maintained in proper operating condition. They are subject to
inspection by the Coast Guard at any
time and without prior notice.
§ 66.01–25 Discontinuance
(a) No person, public body or instrumentality shall change, move or discontinue any authorized private aid to


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