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Federal Forms

OMB NumberTitle
1625-0127 Marine Transportation System Recovery
1625-0126 Requirements for Vessels that Perform Certain Aquaculture Support Operations
1625-0125 Commercial Diving Operations – Title 46 CFR Part 197
1625-0124 Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010 (CVSSA) Requirements
1625-0123 Requirements for MODUs and Other Vessels Conducting Outer Continental Shelf Activities with Dynamic Positioning Systems
1625-0122 Cargo Securing Manuals
1625-0121 United States Coast Guard Academy Introduction Mission Program Application and Supplemental Forms
1625-0120 U.S. Coast Guard Non-Appropriated Fund Employment Application
1625-0119 Coast Guard Exchange System Scholarship Application
1625-0118 Various International Agreement Certificates and Documents
1625-0117 Towing Vessels -- Title 46 CFR Subchapter M
1625-0116 Port Stakeholder Interface Form
1625-0115 Oil Skimmers
1625-0114 Proceedings of the Marine Safety and Security Council, the Coast Guard Jounal of Safety and Security at Sea Online Subscription Request Form
1625-0113 Crewmember Identification Documents
1625-0112 Enhanced Maritime Domain Awareness via Electronic Transmission of Vessel Transit Data
1625-0111 Landowner Defenses to Liability under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990: Standards and Practices for Conducting All Appropriate Inquiries
1625-0110 Maritime Identification Credentials -- Title 33 CFR Part 125
1625-0109 Drawbridge Operation Regulations
1625-0108 Standard Numbering System for Undocumented Vessels
1625-0106 Unauthorized Entry into Cuban Territorial Waters
1625-0105 Regulated Navigation Area; Reporting Requirements for Barges Loaded with Certain Dangerous Cargoes, Inland Rivers, Eighth CGD and the Illinois Waterway, Ninth CGD
1625-0104 Barges Carrying Bulk Hazardous Materials
1625-0103 Mandatory Ship Reporting System for the Northeast and Southeast Coasts of the United States
1625-0102 National Response Resource Inventory
1625-0101 Periodic Gauging and Engineering Analyses for Certain Tank Vessels Over 30 Years Old
1625-0100 Advance Notice of Vessel Arrival
1625-0099 Requirements for the Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Compressed Natural Gas as Cooking Fuel on Passenger Vessels
1625-0098 Records Relating to Citizenship of Personnel on Units Engaged in Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Activities
1625-0097 Plan Approval and Records for Marine Engineering Systems -- 46 CFR Subchapter F
1625-0096 Report of Oil or Hazardous Substance Discharge and Report of Suspicious Maritime Activity
1625-0095 Oil and Hazardous Material Pollution Prevention and Safety Records, Equivalents/Alternatives and Exemptions
1625-0094 Ships Carrying Bulk Hazardous Liquids
1625-0093 Facilities Transferring Oil or Hazardous Materials in Bulk -- Letter of Intent and Operations Manual
1625-0092 Sewage and Graywater Discharge Records for Certain Cruise Vessels Operating on Alaskan Waters
1625-0091 Certification of Navigation Lights for Recreational and Uninspected Vessels
1625-0090 Understanding How Mariners Use Aids to Navigation - A Tool for the Coast Guard's Office of Aids to Navigation
1625-0089 The National Recreational Boating Survey
1625-0088 Voyage Planning for Tank Barge Transits in the Northeast United States
1625-0087 U.S. Coast Guard International Ice Patrol (IIP) Customer Survey
1625-0086 Great Lakes Pilotage Rate Methodology
1625-0085 Streamlined Inspection Program
1625-0084 Audit Reports under the International Safety Management Code
1625-0083 Operational Measures for Existing Tank Vessels Without Double Hulls
1625-0082 Navigation Safety Information and Emergency Instructions for Certain Towing Vessels
1625-0081 Alternate Compliance Program
1625-0080 Customer Satisfaction Surveys
1625-0079 Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1995 and 1997 Amendments to the International Convention
1625-0078 Credentialing and Manning Requirements for Officers on Towing Vessels
1625-0077 Security Plan for Ports, Vessels, Facilities, Outer Continental Shelf Facilities and Other Security-Related Requirements
1625-0076 Inflatable Personal Flotation Devices for Recreational Vessels
1625-0075 Boating Statistics Questionnaire
1625-0074 Direct User Fees for Inspection or Examination of U.S. and Foreign Commercial Vessels
1625-0073 Alteration of Unreasonable Obstructive Bridges
1625-0072 Waste Management Plans, Refuse Discharge Logs, and Letters of Instruction for Certain Persons-in-Charge (PIC) and Great Lakes Dry Cargo Residue Recordkeeping
1625-0071 Boat Owner's Report - Possible Safety Defect
1625-0070 Vessel Identification System
1625-0069 Ballast Water Management for Vessels with Ballast Tanks Entering U.S. Waters
1625-0068 State Access to the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund for Removal Costs Under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990
1625-0067 Claims Under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990
1625-0066 Vessel and Facility Response Plans (Domestic and International), and Additional Response Requirements for Prince William Sound Alaska
1625-0065 Offshore Supply Vessels -- Title 46 CFR Subchapter L
1625-0064 Plan Approval and Records for Subdivision and Stability Regulations-Title 46 CFR Subchapter S
1625-0063 Marine Occupational Health and Safety Standards for Benzene -- 46 CFR 197 Subpart C
1625-0062 Approval of Alterations to Marine Portable Tanks; Approval of Non-Specification Portable Tanks
1625-0061 Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Regulations
1625-0060 Vapor Control Systems for Facilities and Tank Vessels
1625-0059 Outer Continental Shelf Activities -- Emergency Evacuation Plans for Manned OCS Facilities; Design & Plan Approvals; In-service Inspection & Letter of Compliance
1625-0058 Application for Permit to Transport Municipal and Commercial Waste
1625-0057 Small Passenger Vessels -- Title 46 Subchapters K and T
1625-0056 Labeling Requirements in 33 CFR Parts 181 and 183 and 46 CFR 25.10-3
1625-0055 Alternative Provisions for Reinspection of Offshore Supply Vessels in Foreign Ports
1625-0054 Self Inspection of Fixed Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Facilities
1625-0053 Hopper Dredge Working Freeboard - - Load Line and Stability
1625-0052 Nondestructive Testing of Certain Cargo Tanks on Unmanned Barges
1625-0051 (a) Report of MARPOL 73/78 Oil, Noxious Liquid Substances, and Garbage Discharge; (b) Application for Equivalents, Exemption, and Alternatives; & (c) Pollution Sightings
1625-0050 Approval of Equivalent Equipment or Procedures Other than those Specified in Title 33 CFR Subchapter N
1625-0049 Waterfront Facilities Handling Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Hazardous Gas (LHG)
1625-0048 Vessel Reporting Requirements
1625-0047 Plan Review and Records for Vital System Automation
1625-0046 Financial Responsibility for Water Pollution (Vessels)
1625-0045 Adequacy Certification for Reception Facilities and Advance Notice - - 33 CFR Part 158
1625-0044 Outer Continental Shelf Activities - - Title 33 CFR Subchapter N
1625-0043 Ports and Waterways Safety -- Title 33 CFR Subchapter P
1625-0042 Requirements for Lightering of Oil and Hazardous Material Cargoes, and Advance Notice of Transfer
1625-0041 Various International Agreement Pollution Prevention Certificates and Documents, and Equivalency Certificates
1625-0040 Application for Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC), Merchant Mariner Certificate Evaluation Report, Small Vessel Sea Service Form, DOT/USCG Periodic Drug Testing Form, Merchant Mariner Evaluation of Fi
1625-0039 Declaration of Inspection Before Transfer of Liquid Cargo in Bulk
1625-0038 Plan Approval & Records for Tank, Passenger, Cargo & Miscellaneous Vessels, Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Nautical Schools, Oceanographic VSLS & Electrical Engineering
1625-0037 Certificates of Compliance, Boiler/Pressure Vessel Repairs, Cargo Gear Records, Shipping Papers and NFPA 10 Certificates
1625-0036 Plan Approval and Records for U.S. and Foreign Tank Vessels Carrying Oil in Bulk
1625-0035 Title 46 CFR Subchapter Q: Lifesaving, Electrical, Engineering and Navigation Equipment, Construction and Materials & Marine Sanitation Devices (33 CFR part 159)
1625-0034 Ships' Stores Certification for Hazardous Materials Aboard Ships
1625-0033 Display of Fire Control Plans for Vessels
1625-0032 Vessel Inspection Related Forms and Reporting Requirements Under Title 46 U.S. Code
1625-0031 Plan Approval and Records for Electrical Engineering Regulations Title 46 CFR Subchapter J.
1625-0030 Oil and Hazardous Materials Transfer Procedures
1625-0029 Self-Propelled Liquefied Gas Vessels
1625-0028 Course Approvals for Merchant Marine Training Schools
1625-0027 Vessel Documentation
1625-0026 Plan Approval and Records for Foreign Vessels Carrying Oil in Bulk
1625-0025 Carriage of Bulk Solids Requiring Special Handling -- 46 CFR Part 148
1625-0024 Safety Approval of Cargo Containers
1625-0023 Barge Fleeting Facility Records
1625-0022 Application for Tonnage Measurement of Vessels
1625-0021 Operations Manual and Amendments for Facilities Transferring Oil and Hazardous Materials in Bulk
1625-0020 Security Zones, Regulated Navigation Areas, and Safety Zones
1625-0019 Alternative Compliance for International and Inland Navigation Rules -- 33 CFR Parts 81 through 89
1625-0018 Official Logbook
1625-0017 Various International Agreement Safety Certificates and Documents
1625-0016 Welding and Hot Works Permits; Posting of Warning Signs
1625-0015 Bridge Permit Application Guide (BPAG)
1625-0014 Request for Designation and Exemption of Oceanographic Research Vessels
1625-0013 Plan Approval and Records for Load Lines -- Title 46 CFR Subchapter E
1625-0012 Certificate of Discharge to Merchant Mariner
1625-0011 CG-2554 Private Aids to Navigation Application. CG-4143 Application for Class I Private Aids to Navigation on Artificial Islands/Fixed Structures
1625-0010 Defect/Noncompliance Report and Campaign Update Report
1625-0009 Oil Record Book for Ships
1625-0008 Regattas and Marine Parades
1625-0007 Characteristics of Liquid Chemicals Proposed for Bulk Water Movement
1625-0006 Shipping Articles
1625-0005 Application and Permit to Handle Hazardous Material
1625-0004 USCG Academy Application and Supplemental Forms
1625-0003 Coast Guard Boating Accident Report Form (CG-3865)
1625-0002 Application for Vessel Inspection, Waiver and Continuous Synopsis Record
1625-0001 Report of Marine Casualty & Chemical Testing of Commercial Vessel Personnel

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