Att 5 - Laboratory Data_03172017.xlsx

Att 5 - Laboratory Data_03172017.xlsx

National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS)

OMB: 0920-0728

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PHIN Variable ID Data Element Name Data Element Description
LAB101 Test Performed Name Name of test or analyte performed. The lab test that was run on the specimen. This is also referred as "Resulted Test Name"

LAB192 Test Result - Coded Qualitative (non-organism) Coded Qualitative Test Result Value
LAB278 Test Result - Coded Organism Coded result - Organism (SNOMED) Result Value, used where OBX-2 is CE or CWE value type
LAB114 Test Result - Numeric Numeric Result Value, used where OBX-2 is SN or NM value type
LAB115 Units of Measure Numeric Result Value, used where OBX-2 is SN or NM value type
LAB208 Test Result - Text Lab Result Text Value used where OBX-2 is TX. Textual result value, used if result is neither numeric nor coded.
LAB118 Test Result -Interpretation Flag Abnormal Flags used for laboratory result interpretation (OBX-8) by Lab (not Epidemiologist's Interpretation).
The interpretation flag identifies a result that is not typical as well as how its not typical. Examples: Susceptible, Resistant, Normal, Above upper panic limits, below absolute low.

LAB582 Test Result - Reference Range Reference Range
LAB207 Observation Result Status Result Status (OBX-11). The Result Status is the degree of completion of the lab test.

LAB163 Specimen collection date Date/Time of Observation in OBX segment for ELR infers to the specimen collection date
LAB105 Test Method The technique or method used to perform the test and obtain the test results. Observation Method. Examples: Serum Neutralization, Titration, dipstick, test strip, anaerobic culture.
LAB197 Specimen Analyzed Date Lab Report Date - Date/Time of the Analysis.
LAB143 Performing Laboratory Name Name of Laboratory that performed the lab test. Performing Organization Name
LAB577 Performing Person Name Performing Organization Medical Director / Performing Person Name.
LAB104 Test Result Comments Comments having to do specifically with the lab result test. These are the comments from the NTE segment if the result was originally an Electronic Laboratory Report.
LAB125 Specimen ID A laboratory generated number that identifies the specimen related to this test.
LAB203 Specimen Type The type of specimen used in testing the Resulted Lab Test.
LAB166 Specimen Source Site This indicates the physical location of the subject where the specimen originated. Examples include: Right Internal Jugular, Left Arm, Buttock, Right Eye, etc.
LAB581 Specimen Description Text description of the specimen
LAB587 Specimen Collection Date/Time The date the specimen was collected.
LAB202 Filler Order # A laboratory generated number that identifies the test/order instance.
LAB112 Test Ordered Name Test that was ordered by the physician / provider. This could be a lab test panel which would lead to several lab tests.
LAB576 Observation Date/Time Observation Date/Time (OBR-7)
LAB580 Results Rpt/Status Chng - Date/Time
Results Rpt/Status Chng - Date/Time
LAB579 Result Status Result Status
LAB578 Reason for Study
Reason for Study
TBD Placer Order Number Placer Order Number
TBD Ordering Provider Ordering Provider
TBD Specimen ID Placer Assigned Identifier Specimen ID Placer Assigned Identifier
TBD Specimen ID Filler Assigned Identifier Specimen ID Filler Assigned Identifier
TBD Specimen Role Specimen Role
TBD Specimen Collection Amount Specimen Collection Amount
TBD Specimen Received Date/Time Specimen Received Date/Time
TBD Specimen Action Code HL7 version 2.x Specimen action code used in chapter(s) 4; HL7 table 065
TBD Parent Universal Service Identifier Parent universal service identifier is optionally allowed for labs that do not support unique placer or filler order numbers
TBD Unique Identifier for Current Sample Isolate identifier unique for each isolate within laboratory

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