Data Exchange Request Form

OMB 0960-0802

OMB 0960-0802

SSA engages in various forms of data exchanges from Social Security number verifications to computer matches for benefit eligibility, depending on the requestor's business needs. Section 1106 of the Social Security Act requires we consider the requestor's legal authority to receive the data, our disclosure policies, systems' feasibility, systems' security, and costs before entering into a data exchange agreement. We will use Form SSA-157, Data Exchange Request Form, for this purpose. Respondents are Federal, State, local, and foreign governments, as well as private organizations seeking to share data electronically with SSA. Before we can develop the new electronic Consent Based Social Security Number (SSN) Verification (eCBSV) service, we need to come up with 50% of the startup costs. To do this, we will roll out the service to a limited number of users in June 2020. We are completing a Non-Substantive Change Request to furnish selected eCBSV entities an instructional example SSA-157 to aid in completion of the form, and a copy of the MOU for the initial rollout.

The latest form for Data Exchange Request Form expires 2021-12-31 and can be found here.

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Data Exchange Request Form - Private Sector Respondents

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Income Security - General Retirement and Disability

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