ASPA COVID-19 Public Education Campaign Evaluation Surveys

OMB 0990-0475

OMB 0990-0475

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (ASPA) is collecting information through the COVID-19 Attitudes and Beliefs Survey (CABS) and Monthly Outcome Survey (MOS) to evaluate the impact of the HHS COVID-19 Public Education Campaign. Throughout the duration of the campaign, this information will primarily be used by ASPA to determine whether the campaign is having the intended impact on target audiences’ knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs as they relate to COVID-19 and targeted preventative behaviors. This will inform an evaluation of the efficacy of the Campaign subsequent changes to Campaign messaging or strategy. The information will also be used to keep key stakeholders informed of the Campaign’s progress. At the conclusion of the Campaign, the information collected in these two outcome evaluation surveys will be used to inform a final cost-benefit analysis.

The latest form for ASPA COVID-19 Public Education Campaign Evaluation Surveys expires 2021-07-31 and can be found here.

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Monthly Outcome Survey (MOS)

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Health - Health Care Services

Form Attachment DAttachment D: COVID-19 Monthly Outcome Survey – QuestionnaireFillable FileableForm and instruction
Form Attachment GAttachment G: COVID-19 Monthly Outcome Survey – CommunicationsFillable FileableForm and instruction
Form Attachment FAttachment F: COVID-19 Monthly Outcome Survey – Consent FormFillable FileableForm and instruction
Form Attachment EAttachment E: COVID-19 Monthly Outcome Survey – Ipsos Omnibus COVID QuestionsFillable FileableForm and instruction

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