Air Carrier Contract Maintenance Requirements

OMB 2120-0766

OMB 2120-0766

The request for clearance reflects requirements necessary under 14 CFR part 121 and part 135 to ensure safety of flight by making certain that all part 121 air carriers, and all part 135 air carriers with aircraft type certificated with a passenger seating configuration of 10 seats or more (excluding any pilot seat) update their required contract maintenance list in their manuals. It is mandatory that affected air carriers record this information monthly for the FAA review. This information consists of who is performing maintenance on behalf of each affected air carrier, what type of maintenance is being performed, and the location(s) where the maintenance is performed. The information will be recorded in the FAA’s oversight tool, the Safety Assurance System (SAS), and used by the FAA to adequately target its inspection resources for surveillance and make accurate risk assessments. This is a renewal for this collection of information. FAA has used maintenance provider data from the previous collection, in part, to assist in development of new streamlined processes for safety oversight of contract maintenance. The newly designed oversight process is heavily dependent on this data collection, and will result in a more agile and efficient FAA workforce, which in turn will reduce the audit burden on FAA certificated repair stations.

The latest form for Air Carrier Contract Maintenance Requirements expires 2022-11-30 and can be found here.

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