Container Certification Statements

OMB 2137-0582

OMB 2137-0582

This is to request approval from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for a three-year renewal for the information collection titled, "Container Certification Statements", OMB Control No. 2137-0582, which is currently due to expire on May 31, 2018. This reporting requirement is mandatory for the person responsible for packing or loading a freight container or transport vehicle containing hazardous materials for transportation by manned vessel in ocean or coastwise service. Furthermore, there are additional requirements for persons who ship Class 1 hazardous materials (explosives), other than Division 1.4 in a similar manner. The documentation is required when a package is offered for transportation via vessel. This certification statement is a statement made by the required persons that they ascertain that the package was loaded, marked, and placarded properly. This may be indicated on a shipping paper or another accompanying document. Carriers receive this information to ensure that they are transporting packaging that has been certified as packaged properly. There is no revision to the total number of burden hours for the renewal of this OMB Control Number. However, there is an adjustment in the number of responses and total burden cost. During review of this burden, PHMSA noted it has historically consolidated reporting requirements into one information collection. As demonstrated throughout this justification, there are two different reporting requirements, which PHMSA is now identifying. However, this did not revise the number of total burden hours, because no changes were made to the certification statement requirements.

The latest form for Container Certification Statements expires 2021-07-31 and can be found here.

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