Qualification of Pipeline Safety Training

OMB 2137-0600

OMB 2137-0600

49 CFR Part 192 SubPart N and Part 195 SubPart G require all individuals who operate and maintain pipeline facilities to be qualified and keep records of qualification. The purpose of this mandatory information collection request is to ensure compliance with the record keeping requirements prescribed in the federal pipeline safety regulations. Pipeline operators must make and maintain the records as described and have those records available for compliance inspection by PHMSA staff upon request. Examples of such records include the identification of qualified individuals; identification of covered tasks; dates of current qualification; and qualification methods. Records supporting an individual's current qualification shall be maintained while the individual is performing the covered task. Records of prior qualification and records of individuals no longer performing covered tasks shall be retained for a period of five years.

The latest form for Qualification of Pipeline Safety Training expires 2021-10-31 and can be found here.

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