Incident Reports for Natural Gas Pipeline Operators

OMB 2137-0635

OMB 2137-0635

Operators of natural gas pipelines and LNG facilities are required to report incidents, on occasion, to PHMSA per the requirements in 49 CFR Part 191. This mandatory information collection covers the collection of incident report data from natural gas pipeline operators. The reports contained within this information collection support the Department of Transportation’s strategic goal of safety. This information is an essential part of PHMSA’s overall effort to minimize natural gas transmission, gathering, and distribution pipeline failures. Due to the provisions contained within the Pipeline Safety: Safety of Gas Transmission Pipelines, PHMSA is revising the Gas Transmission Incident report to have operators indicate whether incidents occur inside Moderate Consequence Areas. PHMSA does not expect there to be an increase in burden for the reporting of Gas Transmission incident data.

The latest form for Incident Reports for Natural Gas Pipeline Operators expires 2023-01-31 and can be found here.

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Incident Reports for Gas Pipeline Operators

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Transportation - Ground Transportation

Form PHMSA F7100.1Incident Report - Gas Distribution and instruction
Form PHMSA F7100.3Incident Report - Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and instruction
Form PHMSA F7100.2Incident Report - Gas Transmission and Gathering and instruction

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