Sections 76.952 and 76.990, Cable Act Reform

OMB 3060-0706

OMB 3060-0706

47 CFR Section 76.952 states that all cable operators must provide to the subscribers on monthly bills the name, mailing address and phone number of the franchising authority, unless the franchising authority in writing requests that the cable operator omits such information. The cable operator must also provide subscribers with the FCC community unit identifier for the cable system in their communities. 47 CFR Section 76.990 requires a small cable operator to certify in writing to its franchise authority at that it meets all criteria necessary to qualify as a small operator. The operator must identify in writing all of its affiliates that provide cable service, the total subscriber base of itself and each affiliate, and the aggregate gross revenues of its cable and non-cable affiliates.

The latest form for Sections 76.952 and 76.990, Cable Act Reform expires 2022-10-31 and can be found here.

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