NCUA Profile - NCUA Form 4501A

OMB 3133-0204

OMB 3133-0204

Sections 106 and 202 of the Federal Credit Union Act require federally insured credit unions to make financial reports to the NCUA. Section 741.6 requires insured credit unions to submit a Credit Union Profile (NCUA Form 4501A) and update the Profile with 10 days of election or appointment of senior management or volunteer officials or 30 days of other changes in Program information. The NCUA website further directs credit unions to review and certify their Profiles every Call Report (OMB No. 3133–0004) cycle. Statistical information collected through the Profile is essential to NCUA supervision of federal credit unions. This information also facilitates NCUA monitoring of other credit unions with share accounts insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF).

The latest form for NCUA Profile - NCUA Form 4501A expires 2023-02-28 and can be found here.

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