Rule 17ad-22 Clearing Agency Standards for Operation and Governance

OMB 3235-0695

OMB 3235-0695

Rule 17Ad-22 sets standards for the operation and governance of “covered clearing agencies” (which consist of designated clearing agencies, clearing agencies involved in activities with a more complex risk profile for which the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is not the Supervisory Agency, and any clearing agency determined to be a covered clearing agency by the Commission). Specifically, Rule 17Ad-22 requires covered clearing agencies to establish, implement, maintain and enforce written policies and procedures designed to promote effective risk management procedures and controls as well as meet the statutory requirements under the Exchange Act on an ongoing basis. This PRA submission is being filed in connection with an amendment to certain rules that modify the definition of "covered clearing agency" to include central counterparties and central securities depositories. This submission updates the number of respondents that will be subject to the covered clearing agency standards in paragraph (e) of Rule 17Ad-22 due to the amendment.

The latest form for Rule 17ad-22 Clearing Agency Standards for Operation and Governance expires 2023-03-31 and can be found here.

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