Fair Labor Standards Act Special Employment Provisions

OMB 1235-0001

OMB 1235-0001

This information collection pertains to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), 29 U.S.C. 201, et seq., special employment provisions. These provisions relate to restrictions on industrial homework and to the use of special certificates that allow for the employment of categories of workers who may be paid less than the general Federal statutory minimum wage to the extent necessary to prevent curtailment of their employment opportunities. For this revision request specifically, the Department proposes to revise forms WH-226 (Application for Authority to Employ Workers with Disabilities at Special Minimum Wages) and WH-226A (Supplemental Data Sheet for Application for Authority to Employ Workers with Disabilities at Special Minimum Wages). The proposed change is to provide an electronic form for the public’s use when completing the WH-226 and/or WH-226A forms. An online platform has been created so the WH-226 and WH-226A forms may be submitted electronically. The substance of the proposed electronic forms is substantially the same with minor word changes to accommodate the type of submission (electronic versus paper).

The latest form for Fair Labor Standards Act Special Employment Provisions expires 2021-09-30 and can be found here.

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Employment Under Special Certificates of Apprentices, Messengers and Learners (including Student Learners)

Federal Enterprise Architecture: Workforce Management - Labor Rights Management

Form WH-205Application for Authorization to Employ A Student-Learner at Subminimum Wageswww.dol.gov/sites/dolgov/files/WHD/legacy/files/wh-205.pdfForm and instruction
Form www.dol.gov/agencies/whd/forms/wh205Instruction
Form WH-209Application for a Certificate to Employ Messengers/Learners at Subminimum WagesPaper OnlyForm and instruction

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