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Federal Forms

OMB NumberTitle
2126-0081 Non-Insulin-Treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment Form
2126-0080 Human Factors Considerations in Commercial Motor Vehicle Automated Driving Systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
2126-0079 Crash Causal Factors Program: Knowledge of Systems and Processes
2126-0078 Effectiveness of Third-Party Testing and Minimum Standards for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Knowledge and Skills Tests
2126-0077 Emergency Exemptions Under 49 CFR 390.25
2126-0076 Waiver and Exemption Requirements
2126-0075 Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot Program
2126-0074 Acknowledgement of Use of COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Relief
2126-0073 Trucking Fleet Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for Managing Mixed Fleets
2126-0072 391.31 Road Test Requirement
2126-0071 Crime Prevention for Truckers
2126-0070 Beyond Compliance
2126-0069 Truck and Bus Maintenance Requirements and Their Impact on Safety
2126-0068 Pilot Program to Allow 18- to 21-Year-Old Persons with Military Driving Experience to Operate Commercial Motor Vehicles in Interstate Commerce
2126-0067 National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB)
2126-0066 Flexible Sleeper Berth Pilot Program
2126-0065 Commercial Driver’s License Skills Testing Delays
2126-0064 391.41 CMV Driver Medication Form
2126-0063 State Commercial Driver's License Program Plan
2126-0062 Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Registration
2126-0061 Generic Clearance of Customer Satisfaction Surveys
2126-0060 Motor Carrier Records Change Form
2126-0059 Report by State Driver Licensing Agencies (SDLAs) on the Annual Number of Entry-Level Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Applicants and Related Data
2126-0058 Motorcoach Passenger Survey: Motorcoach Safety and Pre-Trip Safety Awareness and Emergency Preparedness Information
2126-0057 Commercial Driver's License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse
2126-0056 Lease and Interchange of Vehicles
2126-0055 Driver and Carrier Surveys Related to Electronic On-Board Recorders (EOBRs), and Potential Harassment Deriving from EOBR Use
2126-0054 Commercial Motor Vehicle Marking Requirements
2126-0053 Passenger-Carrying Vehicle Leasing and Marking Regulation Requirements
2126-0052 Commercial Driver Individual Differences Study
2126-0051 Unified Registration System, FMCSA Registration/Updates
2126-0050 Evaluating Safety Benefits of an On-Board Monitoring System (OBMS) in Commercial Vehicle Operations: Independent Evaluation and Data Analysis
2126-0049 Generic Clearance for the Collection of Qualitative Feedback on Agency Service Delivery
2126-0048 Practices of Household Goods Brokers
2126-0047 Annual Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Survey: Work and Compensation
2126-0046 Share the Road Safely Program Assessment Study
2126-0045 Household Goods Consumer Information Program Assessment Study
2126-0044 Survey of Medical Examiners Who Certify the Physical Qualifications of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers
2126-0043 Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Risk Factor Study
2126-0042 Information Technology Services Survey Portal Customer Satisfaction Assessment (formerly COMPASS Portal Customer Satisfaction Assessment)
2126-0041 Survey of Motor Carriers Operating Small Passenger-Carrying Commercial Motor Vehicles
2126-0040 Practices of Household Goods Brokers
2126-0039 Role Delineation Study for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Medical Examiners
2126-0038 Commercial Driver's License Policies and Practices Among the 51 Jurisdictions
2126-0037 Assessing the Effectiveness of Arbitration as a Means of Settling Household Goods (HHG) Movement Disputes
2126-0036 Best Motor Carrier Safety Management Technology Practices
2126-0034 Bus Crash Causation Study
2126-0033 Quarterly Report of Class I Motor Carriers of Property (OMB 2139- 0002)
2126-0032 Annual Report of Class I and Class II Motor Carriers of Property (OMB 2139-0004)
2126-0031 Annual Report of Class I Motor Carriers of Passengers (formerly Annual and Quarterly Report of Class I Motor Carriers of Passengers (OMB 2139-0003))
2126-0030 Hazardous Materials Safety Permits
2126-0029 Truck Driver Fatigue Management Survey
2126-0028 Training Certification for Entry-Level Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators
2126-0026 Training Certification for Drivers of Longer Combination Vehicles
2126-0025 Transportation of Household Goods; Consumer Protection
2126-0024 No-Zone Campaign Assessment
2126-0023 Motor Carrier Scheduling Practices and Their Influence on Driver
2126-0022 Truck Stop Fitness Facility Utilization Study
2126-0021 Motor Carrier Assessment of Compliance Reviews
2126-0020 Motor Carrier Regulatory Relief and Safety Demonstration Project
2126-0019 Application for Certificate of Registration for Foreign Motor Carriers and Foreign Motor Private Carriers
2126-0018 Request for Revocation of Authority Granted
2126-0017 Financial Responsibility, Trucking and Freight Forwarding
2126-0016 Licensing Applications for Motor Carrier Operating Authority
2126-0015 Designation of Agents, Motor Carriers, Brokers and Freight Forwarders
2126-0014 Transportation of Hazardous Materials, Highway Routing
2126-0013 Motor Carrier Identification Report
2126-0012 Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing
2126-0011 Commercial Driver Licensing and Test Standards
2126-0010 Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP)
2126-0009 Accident Recordkeeping Requirements
2126-0008 Financial Responsibility for Motor Carriers of Passengers and Motor Carriers of Property
2126-0007 Qualification Certificate
2126-0006 Medical Qualification Requirements
2126-0005 Financial Responsibility for Motor Carriers of Property
2126-0004 Driver Qualification Files
2126-0003 Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
2126-0001 Hours of Service (HOS) of Drivers Regulations

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